Birthday Cakes

Today I was in Precision Camera looking for a SLR camera, and I ran into a former high school classmate of mine. I told him I needed a better camera to post fun pictures on my website, and he said, “You put on parties? Who does your cakes?” I said, “No one. We aren’t in the cake business.” He proceeded to pull out his smart phone and show me his wife’s latest creations. She graduated from culinary school and is decorating cakes on the side.

They were amazing looking birthday cakes. Very thematic. She made detailed super heroes that looked more like action figures rather than something edible. This led me to wonder…how important are birthday cakes?

The last few parties I’ve been to, the cakes were from Sam’s Club. Don’t get me wrong, they were very impressive cakes. I think Sam’s Club does a great job, and the kids seemed overjoyed to smear blue icing all over the face and teeth. Most of the cake was half eaten or ended up on the patio anyway. Perhaps designer cakes are just for the adults in the children’s lives. Are birthday cakes all that important? Do you remember one of your birthday cakes from years ago? I do. It was pink and white and the theme was Cinderella. I remember several flowers which were sugar decorations, hard like sugar cubes. I loved those flowers.

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