Austin’s Bebe Paluzza

Kid’s Directory booth decorated by Parties Austin, Bebe Paluzza-2011

Bravo to all the vendors at Bebe Paluzza this weekend. There was a fine showing of kid related media outlets…Austin Kid’s Directory & Macaroni Kid. My son received a free assortment of baby food from Ella’s Kitchen. (He refused to try the baby food from Sprout. No reflection on Sprout-the food looked great- but by the time we got to that booth I think he was stuffed.) I enjoyed meeting a very pleasant photographer, Kerry Gray, who offered me $100.00 off her regular $200.00 sitting fee. I met a dear sweet lady, Linda Goodwin, who was selling her self-published children’s book. Her illustrations were amazing, and I ended up bringing one of them home. I bought a Munchie Mug from a man from Sonoma, CA in hopes that my son will quit spilling all his cereal in his baby seat. We received a free balloon rattlesnake from Michelle Arrieta at Cutting Edge Balloons. I saw a pregnant woman having her belly “face painted” by a very talented face painter named Susan Forney. (Her business card says she also airbrushes tattoos.) Gymboree had a booth manned by their very enthusiastic marketing director, Morgan. I ran into Danny from Baby Safe Homes who actually did a very fine job babyproofing our home about six months ago. Big box stores like Buy Buy Baby and Pottery Barn for Kids also made a showing. All in all, it was a fabulous day. I marveled at how hard all the vendors worked. How much money and energy they spent being there.

The showing by Austin mothers was not very strong. I’m not sure why. I think advertising was very limited. (My husband asked, “Was this some kind of secret meeting? I haven’t heard a thing about it.”) Apparently this was the first year for new owners, so their lack of advertising may be a rookie mistake which can be rectified.

Bebe Paluzza is a great idea. It’s much like a Bridal Extravaganza. Except Bridal Extravaganzas are currently much more well attended. I asked myself the question …why? Perhaps brides with all their youthful enthusiasm and energy are much more apt to go shopping for all things bride related. Perhaps by the time they become mothers they are tired and downtrodden…and most of their buying is done on the Internet through PayPal. The only food they buy is at a drive-thru.

Maybe Bebe Paluzza should offer free baby sitters. They had spa services but my son is not one to wait around while I get massaged. I tried a few months ago, and he cried the whole time, so I had to hold him and the masseuse just rubbed my shoulders for 45 minutes.

Mothers are a hard audience. But thank you to Bebe Paluzza and all the vendors for reaching out to us and making yourselves available. I learned something new. I made some great new purchases, and my son and I both had a great time. And thank you to Debbie Tye at Austin Kids Directory for asking us to decorate her booth with mermaids!

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